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We are creating functional materials that are synthesized via precise polymerization techniques

In our laboratory, Synthesis of various specially-structured polymers; molecular design of functional polymers such as stimuli-responsive polymers and conductive polymers; the study of micro-phase separation using block copolymers; creation and application of environmental zero-waste macromolecular materials with multi-functions.


Class reunion at shimbashi

There was a class reunion as part of the 65th Symposium on Macromolecules. Thank you for attending!
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65th Symposium on Macromolecules

Yoshida (D1), Aizawa (M2), and Kusumoto (M2) attended the 65th Symposium on Macromolecules at Kanagawa University. Yoshida and Kusumoto made poster presentations.And aizawa made on oral presentation.
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Kawakami (M1), Tanaka (M1), and Honda (M1) presentated their posters in the Taiwan-Japan Bilateral Polymer Symposium 2016 (TJBPS2016) at National Tsing Hua University.Kawakami won the First Prize for Student Poster Contest, and Honda won the Second Prize for Student Poster Contest! Congratulations!!!
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31st Summer University in Hokkaidoaward

We took part in the 31st Summer University in Hokkaido (kCq茤). Many students won poster prizes. Especially, Murano who won the best poster award! Congratulations!!!
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10th KJJS2016/ASLAP2016award

Yoshida (D1) and Watanabe (M2) presentated their research in 10th Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Polymer Science 2016 (KJJS2016) / Asia Symposium on Living Anionic Polymerization 2016 (ASLAP2016) at Gwnagju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) Watanabe won a Poster Award! Congratulation!!!
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Lab Trip

We went to Niseko! We are looking forward to next year's trip! :D
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Information for HU-NTU-CERMAV Joint Symposium (HNCJS2016)

HNCJS2016 will be held at the Frontier Research in Applied Sciences Building in Hokkaido University on August 5th. Please click the above banner for more information.

Green Beer Garden in Hokkaido University

We enjoyed the Green Beer Garden with Prof.Borsali!
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Prof. Borsali Welcome BBQ party

A welcome BBQ party for Prof.Borsali (Cermav, France) and exchange students from Taiwan University, Mr.Chiang and Mr.Hsu was held!
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23rd Cellulose Annual meetingaward

Kusumoto (M2) and Murano (M1) presentated their posters at the meeting. Murano won the prize for exellent poster! Congratulations!!!

Softball tournament cthe 3rd place playoff & Welcome party for Mr.Hung!

We had the 3rd place playoff (non-official) versus the lab of Chemistry of Molecular AssembliesI After the game, both lab held a welcome BBQ party for Mr. Hung!
results and photos here!

Mr.Hung visited to our lab(Short-term exchange student)

^(Hung Chih Chien),from National Taiwan University (NTU), conducted experiments with us. He stayed in Japan for about a half year.

Softball tournament cthe semifinal

The semifinal game versus the Lab of Advanced Materirals ChemistryI
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Assist. prof. Isono send-off party

Assist. prof. Isono is going to France for the cooperative research from June 5th. We had a send-off party for him!
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Softball tournament cthe 2nd round

The next opponent was the Lab of Chemical Reaction Enginering.
results and photos hereI

65th SPSJ Annual Meeting

Satoh (D3), Watanabe (M2), Umetsubo (M1), Kawakami (M1), Tanaka(M1), and Honda (M1) participated in the meeting at Kobe International Exibition Hall.
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Softball tournament cthe 1st round

The inter-division of Applied Chemistry softball tournament was held at lengthIThe first opponent was the Lab of Organic Synthesis ChemistryI
results and photos hereI

Launching the New Lab of Polymer Chemistry!

Lab of Molecular Materials Chemistry made a fresh start as Lab of Polymer Chemistry with Prof. Toshifumi Satoh, Assoc. prof. Kenji Tajima, and Assist. prof. Takuya Isono. A welcome party was held for new B4 students.

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Launching the New Lab of Molecular Materials Chemistry!


Class reunion
65th Symposium on Macromolecules
Summer University
10th KJJS2016ASLAP2016
Lab Trip
Green Beer Garden
BBQ with Prof.Borsali, Ching and Hsu!
23rd Cellulose Annual Meeting
Softball tournament 3rd place playoffwelcome party
Hung coming to our Lab
Softball tournament semifinal
Assist. prof.Isono Send-off party
Softball tournament 2nd round
65th SPSJ Annual Meeting
Softball tournament 1st round
B4 Welcome party
Lab of Polymer Chemistry started!
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